Crystal Services strives to create memorable experience in all we do.
A high sense of ethics, honestly and joyfulness guide us.



In a period of one year to become reference of costumer services at Sydney’s market.



We want to enrich peoples lives by participating in their mission to live in a healthier environment.
Crystal strives to create memorable experience in all we do. a high sense of ethics, honesty and joyfulness guide us.



Courage – Adaptability - Determination - Trust – Respect - Sharing - Excellence

Why Choose Us?

We do what we say we will do! Simple as that.

We wont leave your place until you say you are happy with the services provided.

Our company is one of the few that have a wide range of services offering gutter, windows and pressure cleaning. House washing, roof cleaning. We offer all this to residential and commercial clients.

Crystal has the knowledge to prepare houses for sale with all the services above plus our alliances with painters, plumber, cleaners, carpet cleaners and handyman.

We have over 180 positives reviews on hipages!

A bit of a story… Everything started in 2006 when Gary Clark, then the Australian Pharmaceutic Sales Manager, desired to do outdoor work such as cleaning and house washing. Living in Colaroy Plateu, and having a social/professional network, he founded Crystal Window Cleaning & House washing. With rapid success, the business grew, and the website top ranked when people Googled for cleaning services in the northern beaches. As business grew, he decided to employ people to help with labour. He was introduced to Marcio, a very hardworking Brazilian. Marcio contacted Rodrigo, a mate of his and also very hardworking. Together, they were employed by Gary. In 2013 Gary decided to sell the company, and enjoy his retired life as much as his can. It was almost an automatic move that he would sell to Marcio and Rodrigo. Marcio, a former civil engineer from Brazil has been in construction sites since 7 year old. Rodrigo has a proven track sales gun and is experienced in customer service and marketing. With this mixed of knowledge, they have decided to expand Crystal to a wide range of services. In December 2014 they opened the Crystal Services Group. The story is beautiful but also hard. Having you own business is already a challenge itself, imagine having one in a foreign country…with different laws, language barriers, etc… Bit by bit they overcame it all with strong principles such as determination, honesty, transparence, and putting in their heart to work hard. Nowadays Crystal Services Group is a well established company with over 5000 clients, three teams on the field around Sydney and employing more and more people every day. Crystal is an exterior cleaning specialist We provide services such as window, gutter and pressure cleaning. We also do house washing (soft, environment friendly or heavy) to residential and commercial clients. We have great alliances made with other excellent companies and we can help our clients with gardening, carpet cleaning, office cleaning and general cleaning also. 5 years down the lane, Marcio and Rodrigo can proudly say that the best trait of our employees is to be Friendly. We have 180 good reviews and 90% of them highlight how friendly or staff are. Lets talk some about core business… and we promise not to bore you. Yes, we do cleaning, but our vision goes way beyond. We really love to be able to help people to enjoy a healthier life

  • by having their place free of mold or moss,
  • by helping them to keep and maintain their assets,
  • by helping them to avoid accidents at home with pressure cleaning or gutter cleaning.

  Another one of our core values is to speak the truth no matter what. We are not perfect, we might fail in a job or in a task sometimes. We might make mistakes but will be always here to assume the problems and find a way to solve it. We will never not pick up the phone, or ignore a call, or disappear. We will never run away. We are also very proud to be able to help our community. Every opportunity we get we strive to do something with a charitable cause. Last but not least we want to give back to this Country everything the Country has given to us. And the best way to do that is by growing our business to generate jobs, to give opportunity to others to work and achieve their dreams and to spread our principles of honesty, friendliness and hard work.


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