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How We Operate

Starting from “We Hear You Crystal Clear” The year of experience and the more than 5k clients serviced we found out that the biggest problem we can have is not to miss a window, or forget to clean a pathway, etc.. The biggest problem is to match the what the client asked, their expectation and what we quoted/did. That is the main reason that we really love and try to visit the places we have to quote to be able to put a quote together. Nowadays more and more people are doing quotes over the phone and via google; its ok we can do that as well, but nothing better than meet our clients, have this personal contact, and really understand their needs. From the moment you called or email us with your enquiry, we will be in touch in less than 24h. After our visit, you will receive the quote on the same day usually via email. You can approve the quote online and suggest a date for the work be done. Once booked you going to receive a reminder 24h before the date and can expect the team at your door on time. If a delay will occur you will be notified. All our staff are well trained and even that we have new staff time to time, they are always under supervision. Photos before/ after are always taken and you will receive it together with your invoice. At the end of the job, you will be asked to walk around and approve the work by signing in or app.

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