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Carpet & Furniture Cleaning

Our Services:

·         Carpet and Rug Cleaning

·         Lounge and Upholstery Cleaning

·         Leather Cleaning

·         Mattress Cleaning

·         Tile and Grout Cleaning


Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Our Cleaning Process:

                     ·         Carpet inspection

              ·         Move basic furniture

              ·         Carpet pre-spray

              ·         Stain treatment/Deodoriser

              ·         Steam/Dry Clean

We will get your carpet cleaned, guaranteed! We specialise in domestic and commercial carpet cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are industry trained and certified in professional steam-cleaning. Get the highest quality service for your home or office—our superior equipment surpasses 80% of the standard products currently used in the market.

We use highly developed and family-friendly cleaning products that won’t leave harmful chemicals in your home. Our team are trained to recognise carpet materials and to tailor their deep-cleaning methods based on the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the longevity of your carpet or rug.


Tips To Keep Your Carpets Clean and New
A common misconception in Australia is that our carpet just isn’t made to last. Unlike tiles, floorboards and lino, carpet will eventually look grubby and worn out. But it certainly doesn’t! Although more work is required to keep your carpets clean and fresh than other surfaces, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to have the same lifetime of your carpets as any other surface!  We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks to help keep your carpet looking like new. 

1) Select The Right Carpet For The Room
Choosing a durable, manageable type of carpet for your home will pay off in the long run. While the white or very light cream carpet looks gorgeous at first, this colour choice will be the toughest to maintain. Likewise, that thick shaggy carpet that lets your feet sink into it may not be practical.  Looking out for either multi-coloured carpets, darker colours and shorter fibres will make your job a lot easier. 

2) Rug and Mats For High Traffic Areas and Beneath Heavy Furniture
We all see the carpet walkways we create. We’ve all experienced the moment of disgust when we realise ‘this is what it used to look like!’ pointing to that space behind the door or under furniture. While most carpets are very durable, constant walking back and forth eventually flattens the carpet, underlay and gradually darkens it over time.

An area rug or runner will protect the carpet underneath. Purchasing a replacement rug is a lot cheaper than an entire floor worth of carpet.

We all have a heavy wardrobe, dressing table, or cabinet that only reveals its damage once we move it away to discover deep solid grooves in the carpet. The weight of the furniture pressing in on the fibres over the years leads to irreversible dints. The only tried and true way to avoid this, is to move your heavy furniture around the house every few months, but honestly, who has the time to do that? Buying a heavy-duty plastic mat or asking for extra or scraps leftover when you first get the carpets installed and placing this or a rug beneath your heavy furniture will ease the weight and distribute a little of it throughout the rug or mat, taking the pressure off the carpet beneath.

3) Vacuum Once a Week
The longer dirt sits on the carpet, the more likely it is to be trodden in, causing stains and grime to stick to the fibres. The more regularly you vacuum, the easier it is to lift this surface dirt before it becomes a big job.

Over-vacuuming however, can lead to your carpet being worn out prematurely. Once a week is usually the maximum recommended amount of vacuuming. 

4) Use a Professional At Least Once Per Year
Most vacuums don’t have the power to pull up the deeply entrenched grime within your carpet. An industry certified cleaning service will use industrial strength machinery that can lift those tightly clinging grease and dirt stains, they also are certified to work with leading-edge products that are proven to remove odours and stains. Finding the right carpet cleaning professional is essential and cheaper isn’t always better. Often getting a cheaper company to do the cleaning can lead to harmful chemicals being used, and more damage being done to your carpet, which won’t promote its longevity.

Professional services also can offer conditioning and deodorising services which are nearly impossible to achieve on your own.

5) Avoid Carpet Cleaning Products
Most carpet cleaning products have harmful chemicals in them that if used by a professional once a year on your rug, can be avoided for the rest of the year. If you have pets or children, or family members prone to asthma, avoid synthetic cleaners and bleach. They are unhealthy and can lead to the deterioration of your carpet.

You’d be surprised how far some white vinegar and bi-carb soda will get you in removing stains.  Examine, the stain and what it needs. Is it a colour you need to clean out? Dirt that won’t lift? Or a smell? Vinegar is an excellent natural anti-bacterial, germ cleaner, perfect for things with odours. Bi-carb soda is basic in its PH and fantastic at removing stains, consider it as a more natural alternative to bleach. But when it comes to grease and hard-set dirt, adding your regular dishwashing detergent can help lift those particles that cling on tightly, try playing with mixtures of all three in a spray bottle. Allow it to sink into the carpet for 10 – 20 seconds and then blot with a clean cloth. Some stains may require multiple applications, try to avoid scrubbing if you can.

 Plant-based or biodegradable cleaning products are a much safer alternative for both you, your family and pets and the environment.

6) No Shoes Policies Will Save You Hours of Work
Asking people to remove their shoes on arrival is a sure-fire way to minimise stains and keep the carpet looking fresh. Nearly all stains are caused by things being trodden into the carpet. Shoes are your carpet’s worst enemy.

A subtle way of encouraging a shoes-off policy is to have a large amount of your shoes kept on a shoe rack in the doorway, make it the first thing people see as they enter and more likely than not, they will be prompted to do it without you asking. If you simply like to keep your shoes on, a heavy-duty mat made out of coir is best for removing dirt from shoes.

7) Remove Stains ASAP
Acting on a stain as fast as possible gives you the best chance of removal.

Different stains require different cleaning procedures, stay tuned for specific tips on how to remove specific stains!


Lounge and Upholstery Cleaning

              ·         Our Cleaning Process:

              ·         Lounge/Upholstery inspection

              ·         Removal of cushions/mattresses/seat covers

              ·         Fabric wash of removable attachments

              ·         Deep clean of fabrics

              ·         Detailing of couch (cracks, hard-to-reach corners and crevices vacuumed and detailed)

Nothing is harder than cleaning the interior of a lounge, and overtime, it becomes a black hole in the middle of your living room, where things disappear into the abyss. Our team will examine the fabric of your lounge or sofa, detach all possible parts of the upholstery and give them a deep clean, removing stains and odours, before retrieving any lost items from the depths of the couch and then detailing the corners to leave it good as new.

Call us on 1800 188 100 or contact us through our website: to get a free quote today.


Leather Cleaning

Our Cleaning Process:

                     ·         Leather inspection

              ·         Vacuum away dust and dirt from surface

              ·         Leather clean with leather-safe products

              ·         Leather treatment

              ·         Leather conditioner

When first manufactured and tanned, leather materials have a naturally occurring coat of oil to protect the surface and prevent aging. Exposure to sun, heat from fireplaces and heaters, even the dry air from an air conditioner will, over time, lead to cracks, dryness and fading of your leather furniture. Leather is a naturally flexible material, but dryness and heat will result in its natural oils being stripped away, and cause it to become hard and brittle, leading to cracks and surface peeling. Our leather treatments and conditioners will preserve your leather lounges and furniture. 

Call us on 1800 188 100 or contact us through our website: to get a free quote today.

For more information on how to keep your leather items in pristine condition, click here to read our industry tips and tricks:


Mattress Cleaning

Our Cleaning Process:

              ·         Mattress Treatment for mites and dust

              ·         Mattress Steam-clean

              ·         Mattress Sanitiser and Deodoriser

              ·         Stain treatment and removal 

When you’re in need of assistance with mattress cleaning in Sydney, this is the place to find help when you need it most.  At Crystal Services Group, you’ll find quality solutions for your home or business.  We feature the best service from industry-leading professionals you can count on.  For the best prices and top-notch results, call us on 1800 188 100 or contact us through our website: to get a free quote today.

Your mattress can house dust mites, allergens, and bed bugs.  These hidden dangers can trigger asthma, allergic reactions, and more.  


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