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Oven Cleaning

The 5 Reasons to Clean your Oven!

1. Fire prevention

A clean oven is a safe oven. Dirt, grease and grime bilds up over time and burns up until it becomes a carbon-package piece of charcoal. This is what can catch on fire and cause smoke. The internal fan, the grill element and other compartments can get splattered with oil, grease and food particles which are almost impossible to remove without professional help if left for too long.

After it’s cooled down, wiping the inside of your oven with a wet cloth and some natural soap will get rid of any spills. Lining the bottom of the grill and oven with aluminium foil will catch bits that fall to the bottom. Covering up food that is prone to spitting or splattering will assist in preventing from a build up of dirt in the oven.

2. Food will taste better

A clean oven distributes heat more efficiently, allowing food to be cooked evenly. A clean oven window allows for you to see how your meal is progressing without having to open and close the door unnecessarily and the heat is retained far more efficiently. Food is less likely to absorb other odours and flavours in a clean oven and be evenly cooked, bringing out a better taste, consistency and texture.

3. Health risks

The grease in an oven slows down it’s ability to cook food, meaning that while you may think you’ve had food cooking at the right temperature and time, it may be underdone, leaving you prone to harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli.

4. Money saving

An oven that doesn’t need to be at a higher temperature to cook food or that you find you don’t need to put your food back inm”It needs a little longer’ will save you a lot of money on your electricity bill. Keeping your oven clean yourself will mean less professional cleans are needed and for those few annual professional cleans, your oven will last longer with less likely to go wrong, smoke or catch fire.

5. It’s affordable

As your oven only needs to be cleaned once per year or maybe twice if you do a lot of oven cooking it is very affordable to have it cleaned by professionals like Crystal Services Group.

Our Services

Crystal Services Group – We provide you with the best prices and service to get your oven, stove top, range hood, BBQ and microwave like new again.

We can have your oven good as new from just $120. Call us on 0433 158 706 or contact us through our website: https://www.crystalservicesgroup.com.au/contact/ to get a free quote today.

We disassemble a lot of the BBQ and oven then we soak parts with our special solutions to get rid of all the grime and then reassemble it perfectly.

Cleaning behind liners and filters and between glass helps with the efficiency of the appliance, reduces the risk of fire and removes odours.

Cleaning your every day cooking appliances brings back the sparkle to your cooking essentials.

Use of non-toxic and non caustic products means appliances are ready to cook on and use immediately the service is complete.

Our eco friendly process will take approximately two hours for a standard sized oven. Depending on the services chosen and size of your appliances, the full process will take longer.

Our trained technician will remove grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits from your kitchen and outdoor cooking appliances using our exclusive cleaning solutions.

In addition to customer cooking essentials packages we also offer kitchen essentials packages which are full services of your kitchen white goods and bench tops.


Our team is committed to caring for our planet.

For these reason we have available environment friendly options:

We do not use any high alkali gels or caustics so you can be assured of a fume-free, safe kitchen and outdoor cooking area.

Only bio-degradable, non-caustic, non-corrosive, toxin-free cleaning products are used in your home.

Our sanitising products kill germs and harmful bacteria on impact with surfaces and stay food safe for an extended period.

Recycling of materials and tools is important and we are concerned for sustainable use of the planet’s resources.

Waste materials from your home are taken away at the completion of each service and disposed of in the most appropriate waste vessel.


Prices excl. gst

Clean Ovens 

Clean Oven for all types of ovens 

Standard Oven (600mm to 650mm wide) –  $140
Large Oven (651mm to 900mm) – $160 
Extra-large Oven (901mm – 1200mm wide) – $200 
Double Oven – $250
Cook top Glass – $20 
Cook top 4 Burners – $40 
Cook top 5 Burners – $50 
Cook top 6 Burners – $60 
Microwave – $50 


Clean BBQ

Clean Oven for BBQ’s 

Baby Webber – $125 
Webber Q – $125 
3 Burner – $180
3 Burner – $200
4 Burner – $210
5 Burner – $230
6 Burner – $250
7 Burner – $270
8 Burner – $290




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